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LAser VEin Treatment


Nearly half of all men and women suffer from unsightly spider veins. Covering them up won’t make them go away…in fact they just get progressively worse over time. But conventional treatments, using injections or surgery are painful and invasive. Now a breakthrough technology employs intense pulsed light and laser light energy to penetrate the skin and dissolve the vast array of problematic vein conditions. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology is a new, noninvasive method to stop the vein cover-up game. There's no cutting, virtually no scarring, no needles and minimal discomfort. This 21st century technology is now being offered by Dr. Valencia at L’ Art de Beauté Med Spa in Houston . IPL works on all skin types year round and improves nearly all vein conditions and vascular structures. Best of all, it is an efficient, in-office procedure requiring no down time with immediate and long-lasting results. IPL Skin Treatments using Photorejuvenation also successfully improves sun-damage, age spots (sun-induced freckles), broken capillaries, facial veins, and numerous other facial imperfections.

How Laser Vein Treatment works

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) energy is converted to heat energy which is absorbed by the target specific to the clinical indication being treated. The chromospheres of the target is fragmented and absorbed without damage to the surrounding tissue. IPL is not the same as laser! A laser uses only one wavelength (color) and has limited pulse choices. IPL uses many wavelengths and has maximum pulse control for greater safety and efficacy in the treatment of all skin colors and the widest range and depth of skin conditions. When the intense pulsed light penetrates the damaged blood vessel, it is sealed and eventually reabsorbed into the body. People can leave the doctor's office after the procedure and quickly resume normal activities. IPL technology is also very effective in treating other benign vascular conditions such as birthmarks, broken facial capillaries and rosacea. Moreover, the signs of aging and sun-damaged facial skin can be erased using the new IPL Photorejuvenation technique. The system's unique design and versatility allows physicians to improve several different conditions with one office visit, translating to added convenience and less "downtime" for People.

Eligibility for Laser Vein Treatments

Your doctor will be happy to discuss this treatment with you and decide whether you are a candidate for this procedure.

Instructions for the Laser Vein Treatment procedure

Before Laser Vein Treatment procedure

  • You do not have to make changes to your normal activities.

  • Prior to any type of laser or IPL treatment, you must limit your exposure to the sun.

  • Treatment should not be performed on tanned skin.

After Laser Vein Treatment procedure

  • You must limit your exposure to the sun.

  • Wear sunscreen when you must be in the sun.