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“This was the best facial I’ve ever gotten!”



“I have been getting Botox for many years, and this is the best results I’ve ever gotten anywhere.”


“I was very apprehensive about trying some of the services at MedSpa, but they made me feel so comfortable and explained everything so well. I have loved the treatments I have received and can see such a difference. I can’t say enough about the staff and their services! They are wonderful!”


“I would like to commend MedSpa on the procedures that I have received. The treatments that I have received have done wonders for the complexion of my face. I would recommend MedSpa for anyone seeking laser treatment.”


“Thank you so much! I am sooo happy with my results. I will be in to see you soon.”


"L’Art de Beauté Med Spa is truly the best. The office is relaxing and inviting, and the staff is skilled and caring. I feel as though I'm in safe hands knowing Dr. Valencia is overseeing the spa. Dr. Valencia always demonstrates patience and astounds me with his depth of knowledge and eagerness to stay current on new technologies and procedures. I highly recommend L’Art de Beauté Med Spa without reservation."


"I was recently seen at your med spa and wanted to thank you for the excellent service. I was so impressed with your staff, they were attentive and professional and everything was done to accommodate my special needs. I came in with both my girls and was so amazed at the treatment they received. The staff is so sweet and genuine and the atmosphere is intimate, down-to-earth yet blissful. Your med spa is so much more relaxing and enjoyable than the larger spas out there. I can't wait to come back!"

"I came for Botox and IPL & laser skin resurfacing treatment. I find the spa very clean with a relaxing ambiance. I felt at home as I was given a warm reception by the staff. It was easy to establish rapport with Dr. Valencia as he took time answering my questions & explaining the procedures I needed without giving me the typical sales talk, very professional approach. After the series of facial treatment I received, the improvement on my skin was remarkably noticeable, from smoother texture & my sunspots totally gone! I don't wear as much makeup anymore! I am quite happy with the results, I'm definitely coming back! I'd say it was the ultimate spa service!"


"I underwent laser skin rejuvenation and Botox cosmetics for wrinkles as I'm already 71 yr. old. I found the service good, procedure was painless, very customer friendly staff, and the outcome is great, in fact beyond my expectation and at very reasonable price. I will definitely go back to L’Art de Beauté med spa to try the other services they offer. I highly recommend this spa."


"I underwent IPL Photorejuvenation to remove sun spots and discoloration on my face. After 3 visits, the results were amazing! The staff is both professional and sincere and I would highly recommend there services!"


"L’Art de Beauté is a wonderful spa. Although I have not actually experienced all the great opportunities, I must say that the laser hair removal has exceptional results. The employees are very kind and helpful. They truly appreciate your business and take concern for their clients needs AND wants. I find that they are efficient with time and never wait long for an appointment. I have been there many times and have never had to wait for more than 5 minutes. L’Art de Beauté overall has a great ambiance, nice people, and great results.”


"I could not be happier with the professional service and results of my laser hair removal treatment. I no longer face the redness and irritation after shaving. I can't wait for the summer to arrive. Thanks L’Art de Beauté!"


" L’Art de Beauté is phenomenal. The spa truly combines professional medical expertise with pampering. The staff is careful and safety is clearly their top concern, but they also go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable. My experience has been fabulous!"